12+ Half Moon Pose Mythology

12+ Half Moon Pose Mythology. The ardha chandrasana or the half moon pose is a great hatha yoga pose where the lunar energies in the body are enhanced. In yogic mythology, the moon is the symbol of brilliance and light.

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Half moon pose is also known as ardha chandrasana. It can also be a fun pose to transition into from extended triangle (utthita trikonasana)! Turn the back foot outwards and open the hip.

Have a block handy just to the side of your front foot in case.

Sure, half moon looked simple enough, and thanks to years of ballet, i was quite accustomed to balancing on one leg, so my struggle to find stability in this pose came as a shock (and a bit of a blow to my ego). However, there are many modifications and variations. Exhale as you bring your right hand to the floor, lift your left. See more ideas about half moon, poses, yoga poses.

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