11+ Lotus Pose Hurts Ankles

11+ Lotus Pose Hurts Ankles. There is a tendency for ankles, once they get sprained, if you over stretch those ligaments, there's a destabilization that happens and you're more likely to keep rolling over that ankle and spraining it. The question about ankle pain in half lotus is not an uncommon question either.

How To Do Knee To Ankle Pose Agnistambhasana from www.verywellfit.com

Any posture that causes pain, not merely discomfort, should be avoided for that particular joint, the hence, if you're finding lotus pose (padmasana) to be difficult and hurting your ankles then it is better to try some other asanas instead. The lotus pose poses strain on the ankle and knee ligaments. Use your hand to pull strongly against your front knee.

This padmasana yoga pose sequence will make your hips be happier and healthier.

Step 2 with your foot flointed, bend your right knee and use your hands to place the top of your right foot at the top of your left thigh in your left hip crease. It helps you maintain flexibility in your gluteal muscles and the deep rotator muscles of your. Many conditions and injuries can cause ankle pain. Amongst the four poses prescribed for japa and dhyana, lotus pose is considered the foremost.